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Gehennah: Interview with Mr. Violence

On sexta-feira, dezembro 19, 2014

Active for about twenty years, Gehennah is a band with a long road and lots of alcoholic stories. The group was formed in 1992 (as Gehhena until 1994) and released three thrashing full-lenghts, which were the soundtrack of many people’s inebriation. After an hiatus of about three years, the band returned to activity in 2011.

For the delight of the headbangers (and sadness of their livers), they reinforced this comeback in March of this year with the release of the “Metal Police” EP. We talked to the frontman, Mr. Violence, about their path and what is to come. Good reading, better under lots of booze!

Greetings! How are you? After some years out of activity, you decided to come back. How did it happen?

Mr. Violence – Well, we just kinda felt like playing again after a short absence from the scene. Life without Gehennah is much too boring!

S.I.T.N. –“Metal Police” is your first release since 2003. How do you feel releasing new stuff for all the drunken minds around the world?

Mr. Violence – Good. Our supporters seem to have liked the EP quite a bit, and we are looking forward to deliver more fucked up songs in the near future.

S.I.T.N. – And about the shows? Have you been much on the stage since the comeback?

Mr. Violence – Well, we done some shows but we are going to do a lot more in the future. The pace is about to be picked up.

S.I.T.N. – Was there some specific reason for the split-up?

Mr. Violence – Nah, not really. One fucked up gig too many, I guess. We needed a break to come back worse and more repulsive than ever.

S.I.T.N. – Ronnie Ripper, one of the founding members, left the band in 2013. Could you tell us about what led to his departure?

Mr. Violence – He wanted to focus on his other band. No bad blood.

S.I.T.N. – Well, even with the time of inactivity, Gehennah has been around for about twenty years. How did your livers deal with it?

Mr. Violence – We are all still alive, and that’s what matters. I don’t think we would get thumbs up from a doctor, but we ain’t asking.

S.I.T.N. – During all this time of fucked up behavior, what was the nastiest hellhole bar where you have been?

Mr. Violence – We been to some pretty rough places, but that’s the way we like it. The nastier the better.

S.I.T.N. – You created the Headbangers Against Disco campaign. Well, since them I think pop music has become still much worse. If you were going to create some campaign today, what would be?

Mr. Violence – No reason to change a winning concept. I guess we just would have too reawaken all the sleeping HAD-cells around the world...

S.I.T.N. – A video was recorded for the song “Decibel Rebel” from the album of same name. Do you have any plans of recording another one?

Mr. Violence – Eventually we will, but at the moment we are focusing on making new songs. And drinking.

S.I.T.N. – Did Hellcop take his name from 1991’s movie Highway to Hell? If not, I recommend it, great movie!

Mr. Violence – That’s exactly where it came from! Good call!

S.I.T.N. – After the new EP, I bet lots of headbangers are thirsty for more. Do you intend to release a Full-Length?

Mr. Violence – Yep, we’re in the midst of completing the songs for our fourth album, to be recorded in early 2015. We’re pretty good damned excited about that, and happy as fuck with the new material.

S.I.T.N. – Although Sweden has been the birthplace of bands from all the genres, over the last decade, the media related it with the Melodic Death Metal bands. What do you think of this kind of sound?

Mr. Violence – We like our stuff a little more raw than that, as you might imagine. We like filth, chaos and idiotic behavior, not well combed mamas boys singing about feelings and dreams.

S.I.T.N. – From all the hangovers I imagine you had, what’s the worst that you remember?

Mr. Violence – Too much horror...

S.I.T.N. – Sweden is famous for its vodka. Which do you recommend?

Mr. Violence – AGet some well made moonshine if you are in Sweden. Vodka is expensive as fuck.

S.I.T.N. – If you have to choose: a free Venom concert with very expensive booze, or a party with any kinds of a drinks for free but with only shitty pop music… What would be your choice?

Mr. Violence – Venom concert of course. Booze can be stolen.

S.I.T.N. – I really appreciate the fact that you are a bunch of drunken headbangers who take Metal very seriously, but never lose the sense humour. What do you think of all these people into metal that act more like sober and conservative people?

Mr. Violence – Thank you. We don´t really give a fuck about the clean and sober people, we like to hang out with the cool crowd. People who are into Gehennah usually belong to the cool category.

S.I.T.N. – What are your plans for next Christmas? Do you hope to be visited by Sathana Claus?

Mr. Violence – I ain’t a psychic but my guess would be that Christmas will involve a drink or two. Maybe even three.

S.I.T.N. – What are the moments you most remember from the tours? And what’s the most bizarre drink you ever had?

Mr. Violence – Memories from tours tend to be a bit hazy, but we sure have had, and intend to have, some good fucking times.

S.I.T.N. – Who did you think about when writing “Four Knuckle Facelift”??

Mr. Violence – Each and every person on the planet of the earth that does not consider Filth Hounds of Hades by Tank to be a masterpiece.

S.I.T.N. –Well, that is it! Thank you very much for your time! I wish you success and always lots and lots of booze!

Mr. Violence – Thanks for the support!

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